Chapter 11 War Against Ungo

  Tom’s POV I have officially became the underling of a champion. A legendary class that was chosen by Gods. I felt as if it is the right thing to do considering the dangers that lurks in this world. And as if the time was just right, a threat to the lives of the town… Continue reading Chapter 11 War Against Ungo

Chapter 10 Revelation

(A/N:) Well, you probably noticed by now, I modified some of the previous chapters. I heed the suggestions of others so let me think what it lacks so I could modify it. You can now follow these webnovel on your email. So please do subscribe if you want to be updated. Also, I added a… Continue reading Chapter 10 Revelation

Chapter 9 Allegiance

(A/N:) Thank you to all who read, commented and emailed me on what they thought about my book. My utmost gratitude on all of you πŸ˜€ AND SPECIAL THANKS to all who congratulated me! Here is an early chapter for all of you! _________________________________________________________________ Pedro’s POV Cron:”Think of a beautiful angel, the most beautiful creature… Continue reading Chapter 9 Allegiance

Chapter 8 Ruler of the Loah Forest

(A/N:) Sorry for the late release guys. I was very busy these days because of our graduation. Finally, I have graduated from college. Thank God. Thank you guys for supporting too πŸ˜€ Now here is the next chapter. Enjoy πŸ˜€ ________________________________________________________________ Pedro’s POV This guy summoned an eagle and a buffalo Pedro was surprised that… Continue reading Chapter 8 Ruler of the Loah Forest

Chapter 7 The Champion

Tom’s POV “P-Ped?” Pedro looked at me and smiled. He has a red-white phoenix insignia on his left shoulder which surprised me. But what shocked me was not the insignia on his shoulder. It was the symbol on his forehead. Ped:”Hand of the Healer” Pedro healed my wounds in just an instant. Is he a… Continue reading Chapter 7 The Champion

Chapter 6 First Encounter

(A/N) : Some changes. Probably when a character thought to himself, it will be italicized for your convenience and some conversations with names. Also I will be breaking the long paragraphs to shorter ones so that you won’t have time reading. There will be an available synopsis soon. I would like toΒ  acknowledge some group… Continue reading Chapter 6 First Encounter

Chapter 5 Selection

Ped’s POV The guild house was three stories high with a tower that stood like five stories. It has a magnificent structure like a European type houses and a royalty designs on them. The door was 8 feet tall and it was an elegant, Greek styled, Red Oak door. I stood there and breathed before… Continue reading Chapter 5 Selection

Chapter 4 One of Them

Tom’s POV It was a very beautiful day so I decided to loiter around. I was sitting in front of my training hall when an unfamiliar fellow approached me. He look young and weak because of his small physique. He said his name was Ped. I was not surprised when said that he wanted to… Continue reading Chapter 4 One of Them

Chapter 3 Verge of Choosing

Ped was walking alongside the Trainer Tom when he saw some adventurers running towards the North Gate. The trainer was also in a state of unease as he look towards the area where the adventurers are going. “Something seems wrong. ” Tom said with furrowed brows. “Should we be going there too?” he asked the… Continue reading Chapter 3 Verge of Choosing

Chapter 2 Vagrant’s Training

Ped was escorted back inside the gate as he was still in the state of shock. He still analyzing the events that happened. First was the earthquake, then a foreign town, and lastly, the forest and monsters. This was the stuff in games that he plays on the computer. He was wondering if he was… Continue reading Chapter 2 Vagrant’s Training